Bob's Burgers - Season 7


Bob's Burgers centers on the Belcher family (consists of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) who own a hamburger restaurant. Bob's burgers are really delicious and appear to be better than his rivals' but when it comes to selling burgers, his kids aren't really helpful, as more customers head over to Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.
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S7E22 - Into the Mild

When Bob finds out that the nearby wildness equipment store is havin..

S7E21 - Paraders of the L..

When the forecast calls for rain on the day of the Bog to Beach para..

S7E20 - MomLies and Video..

Linda comes down with a nasty cold just in time for the Mother’s D..

S7E19 - Thelma & Louise E..

After Louise gets in trouble at school, Linda is forced to meet with..

S7E18 - The Laser-inth

Gene accompanies Bob on the last-ever rock-and-roll laser show at th..

S7E17 - Zero Larp Thirty

When Linda wins a contest to spend a dream weekend at the home where..

S7E16 - Eggs for Days

The annual Easter egg hunt always brings out the competitive sides o..

S7E15 - Ain't Miss Debatin

When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected succ..

S7E14 - Aquaticism

When Tina learns that the aquarium is in danger of closing, the Belc..

S7E13 - The Grand Mama-Pe..

Linda jumps at the chance to chaperone Tina’s weekend away at a he..

S7E12 - Like Gene for Cho..

When Gene learns that the formula for his favorite chocolate has cha..

S7E11 - A Few 'Gurt Men

Louise is put in a sticky situation when she must defend one of her ..

S7E10 - There's No Busine..

When Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, secures pet agent Ian Amberson, Bob ..

S7E9 - Bob Actually

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Tina, Gene and Louise each find ..

S7E7 - The Last Gingerbre..

As the Belchers prepare for Christmas, Bob gets an unexpected call f..

S7E6 - The Quirk-ducers

When Mr. Frond’s annual play threatens to ruin the half day before..

S7E5 - Large BrotherWhere..

When Tina has a mishap that lands her in detention, Bob and Linda do..

S7E4 - They Serve HorsesD..

After a tip from Jimmy Pesto, Bob secures a new meat provider who cl..

S7E3 - Teen-A-Witch

With Halloween quickly approaching, Tina reveals her brilliant idea ..

S7E2 - Sea Me Now

Teddy organizes a day trip on his newly refurbished boat in an effor..

S7E1 - Flu-ouise

When the youngest Belcher comes down with an epic case of the flu, L..