Dancing With the Stars (US) - Season 15


U.S. reality show based on the British series "Strictly Come Dancing," where celebrities partner up with professional dancers and compete against each other in weekly elimination rounds to determine a winner.
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S15E18 - Week 10

The 10th and final week of performances for the 15th season

S15E17 - Week 9 - Results

The ninth-round results show

S15E16 - Week 9

The ninth week of performances

S15E15 - Week 8 - Results

The eighth-round results show.

S15E14 - Week 8

The eighth week of performances.

S15E13 - Week 7

The seventh week of performances features fusion dances and a swing-..

S15E12 - Week 6 - Result ..

The sixth-round results show

S15E11 - Week 6

The sixth week of performances

S15E10 - Week 5 - Result ..

The fifth-round results show

S15E9 - Week 5

The fifth week of performances

S15E8 - Week 4 - Result S..

The fourth-round results show

S15E7 - Week 4

The fourth week of performances includes dances not usually featured..

S15E6 - Week 3 - Results

The third-round results show.

S15E5 - Week 3

The third week of performances.

S15E3 - Week 2

The second week of performances.

S15E2 - Week 1 - Result S..

The first results show of the season.

S15E1 - Week 1

In the 15th-season opener, previous contestants return to the dance ..