Deadly Women - Season 11


True stories of female killers.
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S11E13 - Dumped And Dange..

When their love life goes sour these Deadly Women take lethal reveng..

S11E12 - Tipping Point

Women who reach their tipping points and spill innocent blood.

S11E11 - Keep It in the F..

Women who strike out at family members.

S11E10 - Fatal Ties

Women who take the wedding vow ``'til death do us part'' seriously.

S11E6 - Hit and Run

Women who know that two individuals can keep a secret, if one of the..

S11E5 - Two to Tangle

Women who like company when they kill.

S11E4 - The Dark Side

Women who aren't afraid to take a walk on the dark side.

S11E3 - Broken Ties

Brutally turning on family and in-laws.

S11E2 - Illicit and Lethal

Hot affairs and hotter tempers.