Deadly Women - Season 3


True stories of female killers.
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S3E13 - Blood Lines

Blood ties are strong ties, sometimes strong enough to pull a person..

S3E12 - Lethal Vengeance

Revenge is one of the oldest motives for murder. But these cases are..

S3E10 - Mothers Who Kill

We want to believe that all women would give their lives to protect ..

S3E9 - Lethal Lovers

Psychopathic killers lurk in society, mostly acting alone. Sometimes..

S3E8 - Fatal Obsession

These deadly women were consumed by obsessions that overtook their m..

S3E7 - Evil Influence

In some cases, the transformation from everyday woman to brutal kill..

S3E4 - Behind the Mask

In the suburbs, and in the office, some of the most terrifying kille..

S3E3 - The Disturbed

Some killers are so troubled that their actions are almost impossibl..

S3E2 - Blood For Money

Money is the driving force behind many crimes, especially murder. Th..