Deadly Women - Season 6


True stories of female killers.
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S6E19 - Death Knock

Victims dealing with the ''death knock'' from deadly women.

S6E18 - Bury the Boyfriend

Women kill the men that love them.

S6E17 - Without a Conscie..

Women who brutally kill their their victims without a second thought.

S6E15 - Mommys Little Hel..

These mothers teach their sons to hate and kill.

S6E14 - Death Benefits

These women discover that for them death has benefits.

S6E13 - Kinky Killers

When deadly women and killer men pair up they spiral into a world si..

S6E12 - Bury Their Babes

A mother's impulse to love and protect her child is a sentiment hard..

S6E11 - Ruthless Revenge

Women exact their vengeance when the kill in cold blood.

S6E10 - Too Close for Com..

Unsuspecting victims get too close to their enemies.

S6E9 - Teen Terror

When emotional changes start to become overwhelming the results can ..

S6E8 - No Good Reason

Women who murder for no particular reason.

S6E7 - Murder of Innocence

A mother's love turns bad when she betrays the innocence of her chil..

S6E6 - Web of Death

Love in the Internet age is complicated; you never know who you'll m..

S6E5 - Matriarchs of Murder

One woman's murders go undetected for years; Granny's husbands keep ..

S6E4 - Insatiable Greed

For an English Rose, husbands equal dollar signs; for a serial kille..

S6E3 - Parents Peril

These young women plans for revenge ended in murder.

S6E2 - Hunting Humans

When these women meet their mate they gain a partner in crime and li..