Deadly Women - Season 8


True stories of female killers.
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S8E20 - In the Family

Driven by revenge, greed and pridefulness, these women turn on their..

S8E19 - Two to Terminate

Women who serve as the mastermind behind a murder while keeping thei..

S8E17 - Total Control

A seductress holds sway over both men and women; a churchgoer finds ..

S8E16 - Scorned

Lovers take the ultimate revenge.

S8E15 - Mad or Bad

A bondage enthusiast punishes her rival; a doctor prescribes a deadl..

S8E14 - To Have and to Kill

Some brides are lying when they vow to love and to cherish their hus..

S8E13 - If Looks Could Kill

A beautiful young woman bewitches an elderly man; a cabaret performe..

S8E12 - Cold as Ice

A mother goes too far while fighting a custody battle; a scorned lov..

S8E11 - For the Money Honey

Casos históricos de las más famosas asesinas en serie.

S8E10 - Second Best

A middle aged woman preys on elderly gentlemen; an Army wife cannot ..

S8E9 - Heartless

A call girl craves the good life; a teenage mother gets rid of a riv..

S8E8 - Heartless

Cold-hearted women who commit unspeakably cruel acts prove just how ..

S8E7 - Self-Made Widows

Some women profit from a permanent separation when they fall out of ..

S8E6 - Hunger for Cash

It can cost family and friends more than their bank balance when wom..

S8E5 - Catch Me If You Can

With a smile as their disguise, some women use charm and a kind word..

S8E4 - Three's a Crowd

When three try to play the game of love, one will lose out.

S8E3 - Never Too Young

Young female killers are spotlighted.

S8E2 - Mom's Money

Women who are after their mothers' cash are featured.

S8E1 - Lady of Blood

The Season 8 opener features examines the infamous 1892 ax murders o..