Deadly Women - Season 9


True stories of female killers.
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S9E13 - The Vulnerable

A young woman sacrifices her wheelchair-dependent employer because o..

S9E12 - Girl on Girl

An abusive mother tries to keep custody of her child; a gossip spark..

S9E11 - Murder for Me

A drama queen permanently ends her love triangle; friends become foe..

S9E10 - Red Hot Temper

A New Year's resolution ends in a murderous rampage; a parish housek..

S9E9 - Forever and a Day

An ex-cop takes the law into her own hands when she's dumped; a woma..


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S9E6 - Get Rich Quick

A Southern belle wants to trade her ex's life for cash; a countess t..

S9E5 - Payback

A traumatized woman believes she's an avenging angel; an infamous se..

S9E4 - Green-Eyed Monsters

Jealousy-inspired murders. Include: a mistress who targeted her love..

S9E3 - Gambling Lives Away

Female gamblers out to refill their coffers; a transgender woman who..

S9E2 - DIY Orphans

A teen who doesn't want to wait for her family inheritance; a Hollyw..

S9E1 - Sleeping With the ..

The Season 9 premiere features a beauty queen who tried to shed hers..