Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 3


Five friends with big egos and slightly arrogant attitudes are the proprietors of an Irish bar in Philadelphia.
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S3E15 - The Gang Dances T..

Charlie inadvertently puts Paddy's up as the grand prize in a dance ..

S3E14 - Bums: Making A Me..

To rid the neighborhood of undesirables, Mac and Dee become vigilant..

S3E13 - The Gang Gets Wha..

While paying off their debt to the mob, Charlie and Dee try to find ..

S3E12 - The Gang Gets Wha..

After stumbling upon a kilo of cocaine, the gang is forced to pay of..

S3E11 - Dennis Looks Like..

When Dennis is mistaken for a recently released child molester, he i..

S3E10 - Mac is a Serial K..

After Mac arrives to the bar with scratches on his neck and exhibiti..

S3E9 - Dee's Dating a Ret..

Dee gets involved with a famous local rapper who might be mentally c..

S3E8 - Frank Sets Sweet D..

Mac teams up with Frank and Charlie to create a public access newsca..

S3E7 - The Gang Sells Out

The gang agrees to sell Paddys when they get an offer that is too go..

S3E6 - The Gang Solves th..

A Korean restaurant owner threatens to get Paddy's kicked off the ro..

S3E5 - The Aluminum Monst..

Dee is shocked to learn that an overweight social outcast from her H..

S3E4 - The Gang Gets Held..

The McPoyles hold the entire gang hostage at Paddys while Frank is b..

S3E3 - Dennis and Dee's M..

After Barbara's death, Dee and Frank are unhappy to learn that she l..

S3E2 - The Gang Gets Invi..

Mac, Dennis and Dee try out for the Philadelphia Eagles. Also inter..

S3E1 - The Gang Finds a D..

The gang finds a baby in a dumpster, and Dee and Mac decide to raise..