The Voice US


There are four coaches, who are all famous in the music industry. During the blind auditions these coaches will turn around in their chairs when they hear a performer they want in their team. If there are more coaches who want a performer, he or she gets to choose who they want as their coach. During the battles there will be two contestants from the same team up against eachother. The coach then has to choose one of them to get through to the live shows.
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S15E8 -The BattlesPart 2

The battle rounds continue.

S15E7 -The Blind Audition..

The Blind Auditions conclude and the Battles Rounds begin. The coach..

S15E6 - The Blind Auditio..

The sixth night of Blind Auditions.

S15E5 -The Blind Audition..

The fifth night of Blind Auditions.

S15E4 -The Blind Audition..

The fourth night of Blind Auditions.

S15E3 -The Blind Audition..

The third night of Blind Auditions.

S15E2 - The Blind Auditio..

The blind auditions continue.

The Blind Auditions SPrem..

Returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and ..

S14E28 - Live FinalePart 2

Carson Daly reveals who America has chosen to be the winner. Kelly C..

S14E27 - Live FinalePart 1

The final 4 artists perform live three times – one new solo cover,..

S14E26 - Live Semi-Final ..

Three artists are revealed as safe by America's votes. After these f..

S14E25 - Live Semi-Final ..

The top 8 artists perform live for America’s votes. Plus, the arti..

S14E24 - Live Top 10 Elim..

Seven artists are revealed as safe by America’s votes. The bottom ..

S14E23 - Live Top 10 Perf..

The top 10 artists perform live for America’s votes. Clarkson perf..

S14E22 - Live Top 11 Elim..

Nine artists are revealed as safe by America's votes. The bottom two..

S14E21 -Live Top 11 Perfo..

The Top 11 artists perform live America's vote. The artists will per..

S14E20 - Live Top 12 Elim..

Ten artists are revealed safe by America's votes and the bottom 2 ar..

S14E18 - The Live Playoff..

On the final night of the Playoffs, the remaining artists from 2 of ..

S14E17 -The Live Playoffs..

On the second night of the Playoffs, the remaining artists from 2 of..

S14E16 - The Live Playoff..

On the first night of the Playoffs, the Top 24 artists will all perf..

S14E14 -The KnockoutsPart 3

The knockout rounds conclude.

S14E13 -The Knockouts Pre..

The knockout rounds continue.

S14E12 - The Knockouts Pr..

In the knockout rounds, former Voice champions return to advise the ..

S14E10 - The BattlesPart 4

The battles conclude with the final pairings for teams Adam, Alicia,..

S14E9 - The BattlesPart 3

Artists are challenged to take on beloved classics by Tom Petty, Bob..

S14E8 - The Battles Premi..

Two of Kelly's artists are excited to take on a top 10 pop hit by Ke..

S14E7 -The Battles Premiere

Kelly Clarkson teams up with Hailee Steinfeld, Alicia Keys with Shaw..