To Catch A Killer 2018


Each episode of To Catch a Killer unfolds as an epic game of cat-and-mouse, leading to the bombshell moment when these two iconic adversaries come together in an unexpected way.

S1E5 - The Real Tim Wicks

A missing persons investigation launches Hales Corners Detective Ken..

S1E4 - Manhunt

After a 44-year-old woman goes missing, detectives set their sights ..

S1E3 -Running With the De..

Three years after a young mother goes missing in Florida, a jailhous..

S1E2 -The Monkey on My Back

Investigator Jim Horton comes face to face with infamous burglar Gar..

S1E1 -All Hands on Deck

After a missing persons case takes a deadly turn, Detective Mike Rit..